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Openreach installation

Abortive visit charges

If an engineer visit is required for this order and the end user misses the appointment, Openreach will raise an Abortive Visit Charge of a minimum of £108.00. If this charge is raised, in the first instance, it will be passed to you as the customer, which must be paid in line with your monthly service invoice. If you wish to dispute this charge, you must do so within 14 days of the charge being raised.

We are happy to dispute such charges with Openreach, however, customers are not permitted to withhold payment whilst the dispute is in progress with Openreach, and if Openreach reject the dispute after three attempts, we will not be in a position to credit the charge back. Consequently, every effort should be made by you and the end user to ensure someone is available to attend to the Openreach engineer who is familiar with the order in question.

In addition to this, Openreach reserves the right to back-bill up to 12 months for charges to be raised.

Openreach Missed Appointments

If Openreach miss an appointment due to a lack of resources or engineer error, a notification will be sent to you confirming this has happened and prompt you to book a new appointment. Furthermore, we cannot refund any installation charges or provide compensation should this happen.

Openreach TRC & Engineer Visit Charges Explained

We have prepared a PDF guide in conjunction with Openreach for engineer visits, including details on additional charges. In order to manage expectations, please familiarise yourself with the document and Openreach’s process before submitting this order.

The installation of all services is contracted to the end user’s premises. Should the customer wish to move house or cancel this service whilst in contract, you will be required to pay off any service charges in order to nullify the contract.

Openreach Missed Appointments

Should you wish to cancel this order once it has been placed, there is a currently a minimum Openreach charge of £21.71 and a maximum charge to the value of the order (maximum £60.00 for ADSL, £120.00 for FTTx) should it be cancelled within 24 hours of it completing.

Prices are ex VAT.

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