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Inclusive call package

Yes, we offer a 1000 Inclusive Minutes (UK landlines + UK mobile) call package for £9 / month.

Plans with inclusive minutes are not exclusive to a user, all user minutes are pooled across the account (eg 6 users with 1000 inclusive minutes, would result in a pool of 6,000 minutes each month).

UK Mobile refers to the major UK MNOs; O2, Vodafone, EE or Three (H3G), some other mobile network destinations may be charged at higher rates. Allocation for mobile calls is up to 50% of inclusive minutes. 03 UK landlines have a maximum 30% of inclusive minutes.


Consumption of minutes over the bundle allowance, or to destinations not included within a bundle, are charged on a pay as you go basis.

Setup charge

There is no set up charge for this.

Prices are ex VAT.

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