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Reset a Yealink phone

Do NOT reset your phone unless instructed to do so by a Megganet engineer

Hold down the physical ‘OK‘ button (as shown below) for 15 seconds.

When you see the screen below, press the soft ‘OK‘ button as shown below.

Pressing this soft ‘OK‘ button will reset your phone.

When reset, the phone will re start and will need to be re programmed unless it is set up to fully auto provision. The phone could take up to 5 minutes to fully re start up.

Default username and password

The default username and password is ‘admin’ for both. In the interests of security, we strongly recommend changing the password from ‘admin’ as soon as possible. We will not provide a phone to a client with its default password unless directed to do so.

Upgrade the firmware

We will usually upgrade the firmware of a phone before we install it. Firmware upgrading should only be carried out by Megganet, and we can carry this out remotely.

Manually configuring your credentials

After resetting your phone you can enter your 3 x credentials;

  • SIP server address: megganet.intervoip.co.uk
  • Username: colum_maguire
  • Password: p39Ce%j!{-gKKF8$

Examples are given in italics.

Block ghost calls

Ghost calls are caused when the phone mysteriously rings without any one actually ringing it.

There are 2 things settings to change to reduce the changes of a Ghost call.

First, log into the phone and browse to Features > General information > ‘Allow IP Call‘ and configure the setting to ‘Disabled‘.

Next, Configure ‘Accept SIP Trust Server Only‘ to ‘Disabled‘.

Configure ‘Accept SIP Trust Server Only’ to disabled and configure ‘Allow IP Call‘ setting to ‘Disabled

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