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TD-W9970 (V2)

Quickest way to set up this router for FTTC

First, connect the router to the internet (RJ11 to RJ11 cable), connect its power cable and also connect the router to a computer with a network cable (usually yellow). Then power up the router.

Once the router has started up, load your preferred browser. Enter the routers IP address (after reset and default it is in the address bar as shown in the pic below.

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin
Enter ‘admin’ for the Username and ‘admin’ for the Password.

Enter ‘admin’ for the Username and ‘admin’ for the Password and select ‘Login‘.

Quick Setup – Start

Select ‘Quick Setup‘ form the menu on the left. then select ‘Next‘.

Just select ‘Next‘ at this screen.

Quick Setup – Region and Time Zone

Quick Setup – Auto detection

Select ‘Yes‘ and select ‘Next‘.

Select ‘Yes‘ and select ‘Next‘. Note that you may have to do this a few times as FTTC may be slow to lock on. This is usual.

Quick Setup – PPPoE

Fill in your internet username and password. The standard format for Megganet clients is surname.forename@megganet.com. This and your internet password will be in your Welcome letter. If you need them, contact Megganet and your log on details will be sent to you. You can also check your credentials by going to control.megganet.com

Enter your internet username and password and select ‘Next‘.

Once connection has been established, you should see the success screen below.

Quick Setup – 3G/4G

3G/4G is not needed here so select ‘Next‘.
Confirmation screen

Basic Status

Change the router password

The router password needs to be changed form its default.

1 – Log into the router.
2 – Select ‘System Tools’ from the menu on the left.
3 – Enter the old password.
4 – Enter the new username which may be kept at ‘admin’.
5 – Enter and Confirm the new password.

Change the router password at this screen and select ‘Save’ to continue

There is no need to let us know that you have changed your password. Please do keep a record of it somewhere as you may need it in the future if you ever need to log into the router.

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