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Cease an internet service

You must give Megganet 30 days notice to cease an internet service. Most internet and telephone line rental company’s providers will charge a fee when you cease an internet or phone service.

If you have an internet service and a phone service on the same number and you cease the phone service, your internet service will also cease (ADSL, FTTC clients only). If you accidently cease your phone line expecting your ADSL/FTTP service to remain, you will be liable for the internet contract termination fee as well as the standard Openreach cessation fee.

The internet and phone service may be supplied from different providers and you may have to pay a separate cessation fee for each.

If you move from a Megganet ADSL/FTTP/SoGEA service to an FTTP service (from Megganet or other provider) the full cessation fees are applicable for the ADSL/FTTP/SoGEA service. This is because they are two completely different types of service. Also, you should not order a cease for your ADSL/FTTP/SoGEA service until after the FTTP service installation is completed and tested. This is in case the new service installation is delayed and you will be left without internet.

Ceasing a cellular internet service is dealt with here.

When you wish to cease a contract please contact Megganet with at least 30 days notice to minimise your costs.

How a fee is calculated within contract

Your cessation fee is made up of the total amount of months left on your contract multiplied by your monthly fee plus the standard cessation fee which originates from Openreach.

If you have a broadband service than the same rules apply except you would need to add the Openreach fee as well which currently (June 2023) is £38 + VAT.

For example if your line rental is £15 per month + VAT and there are 3 months left in your contract your cessation fee would be 3 x £15 = £45 + £38 = £83 + VAT. The 30 days notice are contained within the 3 months remaining so it doesn’t apply.

If you are out of contract then only the cessation fee and 1 months fee (to cover the 30 days notice) are due.

How a cessation fee is calculated when you are out of contract

If you are out of contract then you only need to pay one extra month plus the Openreach fee which is currently £38 + VAT.

If you are out of contract and you give Megganet 30 days notice, then the usual fee for the notice period will do and you only need to pay the Openreach fee.

How to pay a cessation fee

If you pay by Direct Debit then you do not need to do anything. We will charge for the months notice and add cessation fee.

it is not possible for Megganet to stop your Standing Order, only the authorised bank account holder can do this. In case there are any errors, over payments will be refunded up to a maximum of £100. To cover the notice period you must NOT cease your payments for 1 month after the service has ended. The cessation fee can be paid separately.

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