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Why MS Exchange

Email service on Microsoft Exchange

Email stored on Microsoft Exchange may be viewed on any web enabled device as well as any Microsoft Exchange mail client such as Outlook 365. Please note that Microsoft Exchange is NOT Hosted Exchange.

Microsoft have changed the duration of their contracts including their mail contracts. Before the New Commerce Experience (NCE), we were able to offer our clients a monthly roll on/roll of email service. After NCE, this is gone and you are contracted to retain and pay for an email address for a minimum of one year on an annual contract. Yes, this means if the new email address is no longer required after 1 week – it still needs to be paid for, for the whole year!


  • Industry standard mail system
  • Very stable
  • Excellent spam filtering by default
  • Same email, calendar and contacts on all devices
  • Mailbox sharing
  • All email, contacts, calendar etc immediately available on other computer if your usual one is unavailable.


  • Max datafile is 50GB
  • High monthly fee
  • Email service is an annual service – paid for monthly
  • Backup can be tricky

Please note, a domain may only have one source of email so it is not possible to have email from any combination of IONOS, Hosted Exchange and Microsoft Exchange.

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