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Chose an email address

Personal account

If you need an email address for yourself for domestic and personal use, you could use some of the free services from Google or Microsoft.

Business email account

If you have a domain (ours is megganet.com), you could have forename@domain.com. or forename.surname@domain.com. A unique domain name would need to be registered first and access would need to be granted for this to have your email configured. If we host your domain, we can set up this type of email for you. It is limited to 2GB but you can increase its size to 50GB for a small monthly fee.

Proper Business account.

The Hosted Exchange or Microsoft Exchange is the apex of email services. If you use mobiles and computers, you need the email on all devices to match. For example, if you are on the road and you reply to an email – the reply will show up on your computer as well.

Our Hosted Exchange mailbox size goes from 50GB on up to unlimited.

You can For this you need a domain.

Choosing an email account

It is not unusual to avoid generic email address such as info@ accounts@ because they may be targeted by hackers. In practice, the risk is not that great although, they may attract higher levels of spam.

It is also not a good idea to use staff names for email addresses. One reason is that their email address may be recorded on your clients computers and if this member of staff departs, your clients may continue to send them email.

One way to get round this problem is to email everyone with the new email address and ask your clients to cease using the expired email address – not a good look.

Another solution would be to have email sent to the redundant email address forwarded (at the mail server) to a current email address. This gets messy if they subsequently depart as well.

So we recommend using a generic email relevant to the business which is a bit more difficult to guess for a hacker but easy to spell and hasn’t got anyone’s name in it.

Examples of non standard generic email addresses

If you have a shop with a registered domain called joesstore.com you could use shop@joesstore.com or value@joesstore.com as your main email address.

If yo have a dentist surgery with a domain called adentalsurgery.co.uk, you could use smile@adentalsurgery.co.uk.

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